Monday, February 8, 2010

Youth Tech Wizard

Luis is a senior in high school and plans to be the first member in his family to attend college. He is the subject of week 3's Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait for this week. I feel this is a great goal and it is also one that I can relate to. I am the first member of my family to attend college but I did not start until I was in my 40's.

Luis helps his parents and the community to understand technology and helps teach understand for them. Luis is in 4 advance placement classes and participates in two types of technological programs. One of the programs has to do with teaching high school students to use the computer and other types of technology to become producers. One aspect of this has allowed him to travel to Chili and be one of the presenters in a technology production program. This is really cool to have done at only age 18. What a wonderful life experience.

Luis also participates in a Lego Robotics program that partners high school student mentors with students from a local elementary school. The students create Lego robotics and then enter them in competitions. This helps both set of students develop team work, character skills, and learn new technology.

Everything in Luis' life is centered around technology. He use it to help the community and connect and interact with family and friends. His mother loves to watch soap operas on the computer. These skills also help him to be better in science and math. He also learns valuable skills such as media, technology, and engineering usages.

I am not sure that either type of these technology would be easy to put into an elementary classroom. I can see where you might use this in science classrooms. I liked the Lego website and plan on spending more time on it to see the different ways they can incorporate robotics into my classroom.

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