Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 6 Blogs

I have started interacting with student blogs, who are in Mrs. Kolbert's class, to do my constructive comments assignments. I love to do all kinds of puzzles. I like a good challenge. There was a post there about unscrambling a word. Of course, I was curious and had to check it out. This was a different comment than my previous ones. There is nothing that needs to be corrected. After spending sometime trying to unscramble the word, I decided to ask for a clue. Not something that would make it to easy but that would narrow the field of possible words, such as a category. ex. a science word or a math word.

I chose my second blog because the title was completely foreign to me so I though I could learn something from it. It is called WaxWing quatrain and it is a beautiful poem about a WaxWing bird. I had never heard of this bird before. There were only 4 lines and it was so beautifully written. Mrs. Kolbert had left a comment encouraging him to include a picture of the WaxWing bird with the blog posting. I think it would be a great idea also, so I encourage him to include a picture.

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