Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cameron; 11 year old Tech Wiz

Watching Cameron using the technology available today boggled my mind, especially when I considered his age. As I watched the video, Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait: Cameron, I could not help but wonder how an eleven year old can do the things he does, when I as an adult seem to have so much trouble just trying to blog. Cameron is able to makes videos using his computer or any number of handheld devices. The video demonstrated how he was able to help his teachers with their lessons, make tutorials, and use video to critique himself on his hockey shot.The video made me stop and think about my youth. I remember my parents seemed unable to program their VCR, and I would have to do it for them. At that time, it seemed so simple to me and it was hard for me to comprehend why they were unable to grasp the concept. Looking back at those situations and then comparing them to the video; I can get a sense of how my parents probably felt watching me program it and going over how to program it with them and them not totally understanding what was going on.As time goes on technology will keep on making advances and the next generation will be the ones show the old folks how things are done. I think that as educators we need to keep ourselves open to new technologies. We should strive to use the latest resources that are available to use. This does not mean that I think we should disregard traditional techniques as old and antiquated and no longer of any use.I also wanted to provide the video for those who may be unable to get the hyperlinks to work.

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